Adjustable Rig for the XL Big Green Egg® - Introduction

XL Adjustable Rig for XL Big Green Egg® is a multi-level platform for raised and indirect grilling and barbequeing.


Quick run down on the Rig's key features


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The only thing better than a big grill is a big grill with big options.  We worked with the XL Big Green Egg® for over five years developing ways to expand its versatility.  We started with the Woo, created the Flip Ring and now we hit on something really special with the XL Adjustable Rig.

In a few words, the XL Adjustable Rig (Rig) is a simple to use "multi-level" platform.  The Rig is 6" tall, easy to set-up, will not hinder airflow, weighs less than 5 pounds and can live in your grill.  Plus, it is fabricated by CGS using 304 Grade Stainless Steel.  It's built to handle the XL. 

 More than likely as you read the Rig information you may be a little overwhelmed.  Don't worry.  What you are actually recognizing is the true versatility of the Rig.  Many new Rig owners tell us that they easily duplicate the set-ups and it does not take long for the cooks to become routine.

We summarized this from the "Q&A" Tab, as it is key to understanding how the Rig works.  You might want to read the "Q&A" and "Specs" before jumping into the other Tabs (Grilling, Low-Slow........) sections.


How are the notches in the vertical supports used?  The notches let us set-up at different heights in the grill. The notch Levels are settings and identify the height above the grill's fire ring.  For example, setting 1.5 is 1.5 inches above the fire ring.  Setting 3.0 is 3 inches above the fire ring and so on.

xl rig bracket design and spacing of notches

We use Crossbars or a Slide Guide to support items at each setting.  The Crossbars or Slide Guide support grids, stones, pans or anything you like.  In the pictures above the Crossbars are in setting 3.0, an ideal height to set a heat deflector stone.

Slide Guide on the XL Adjustable Rig, used to slide the 16x20 oval grid in and out during a cook.

The XL Slide Guide, pictured above, fits the two lower settings on the Rig.  The Slide Guide's two flat rails make it easy to slide the 16"x20" Oval Grid in and out of the Rig.  Sliding an Oval Grid is as easy as pull it out or push it in along the Slide Guide.  This is a nice option as it provides easy access to the grid.  There is no real need for a slide guide on the upper settings.

 Note: Check the Crossbar ends in the Slide Guide picture above.  The Crossbars need to rest on the Rig's lower ring as pictured.  This will insure a level platform with the Crossbars.

The Rig can be set-up three ways, see below.  Remember to check, "What fits my XL" to insure the set-ups work in your grill. 

1. directly on the fire ring for direct or indirect cooks.  Fits all XL eggs.

 xl rig sitting directly on the fire ring with the 20" round grid for raised, direct, grilling cooks.

2. with CGS's XL Woo for multi-grid or super raised grid cooks;

showing xl rig atop the xl woo ring with 3 grids set-up.

3. with the Big Green Egg® ConveGGtor (platesetter), again for multi-grid or super raised grid cooks.

showing xl rig atop the xl platesetter with 3 grids set-up.


Summarizing the Info:  The Rig can sit directly on the fire for a simple raised grid cook.  In most XL grills, the Rig can be paired with the XL Woo or Big Green Egg® ConveGGtor for multi or super raised grid cooks.  We place Crossbars or a Slide Guide in the notches to support a grid, stone, pan or such inside the Rig.  Specifics on how we set-up for the various cooks is covered in the tab sections: grilling, low & slow, pizza and other set-ups.

Whether, you are new to ceramic cooking or an experienced veteran, we truly recommend you purchase one of the Combo packages.  The Combo Packs are designed to make shopping easy, as they match the pieces together.  Many customers have reported back to us that the Rig is their "go-to" set-up platform given the wide variety of available accessories.  For most, it's the only platform they need.