Adjustable Rig for the Large Big Green Egg® - Tips & Techniques

A few tips


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Every now and then, we fail to hit the target grilling temperature at the grid.  If you are new to ceramic cooking, a couple of reasons for missing the temperature
can be:
  • miss the settings on the lower slider or upper daisy wheel;
  • forgot to mix old and new lump; 
  • let the temperature run up; or 
  • try to stretch the back-end of a long barbeque cook with a quick grilling cook.  

    So, if you find that you missed the target cooking temperature at your initial grid height, simply move a grid up or down the Rig for a quick fix.  Remember this, it will come in handy!

     One of the cool features of the Adjustable Rig is how fast it and its contents can be removed from the ceramic grill.  When feasible, we recommend setting all the pieces (grids, stones, pans) directly on the Rig.

    The first step in removing the Rig is to have your landing area ready and close by.  The second step is to wear adequate personal protection.

    To remove the Adjustable Rig, grab under the Rig's upper ring and lift the Rig up and out.  Keep the Rig level.  Remember, these items are hot, so it is worth repeating, have the landing area close by and take the necessary safety precautions to protect yourself and other equipment. 

    You may wonder how fast is the move!  There is a good chance it took you longer to read this one "Tip" than it will take you to lift out the Rig.

    lifting the Adjustable Rig out of the Large Big Green Egg

    Landing area after lifting the Adjustable Rig out of the Large Big Green Egg


     When foiling ribs, best is bone end up to minimize your chances of tearing the foil.  A 20" pan under the Rig makes for easy clean up with accidental spills in your landing area.  As a note, our 18" Stainless Round Drip Pan is too small.  20" is recommended.

    four racks of ribs on R&B Comb next to large Big Green Egg®

    The Oval grid is 12.75" wide by 17.5" long.  So, it is possible to drop wood chunks past the grid at all three Levels.  The wood chunk is 1-1/2 inches thick.

    Adding wood chunks past Adjustable Rig in Large Big Green Egg

    Sometimes with direct grilling, the lump burn creates hot spots across the grid.  You can minimize the effects from the hot spot by spinning the round grid(s).  To spin the grid, just set the tongs at grid center and turn.

    Spinning the Grid atop Rig in Large Big Green Egg

    To slow a cook down, you can change from a direct to an indirect set-up by adding a stone under the grid.  If you think you may change over during a cook, we recommend setting the Crossbars before starting the cook.

    The chicken leg cook, pictured below, started direct with grid temperatures over 375 degrees.  After rendering the fat for a short time and charring the skin, the 16" Round Stone was added at the middle Rig setting.  This took the direct heat off the legs and allowed them to "roast" till done.  Similar cooks can be done with our other stones, including our Half Stones for a half direct & half indirect set-up.

    add a stone to change from direct to indirect on Adjustable Rig in Large Big Green Egg

    If you are one who constantly worries about running out of lump or lives in a very cold climate, you can overfill the Large Big Green Egg® fire ring to fuel a low & slow cook.  The photo, bottom left, shows the indirect set-up on the middle Rig setting.  Guess if you need more lump, you could set the stone at the upper setting.  DO NOT use this much lump for grilling or high temperature cooks.

    Rig set-up to allow extra lump in big green egg® fire ring.

    For jerky, it is feasible to load a grid on each Level.  The set-up requires 3 Crossbar pairs and 3 grids.  Pictured above right is the set-up with 3 oval grids.  The 18" egg® grid sits atop the Rig for additional space.  Spacing between grids is approximately 1.5 inches.

    jerky set-up with four grids on large rig

    If you are not using a Crossbar during a cook or have an extra set, one can be used as a wiggle rod to shake the ash from the Big Green Egg® lump grate during a cook.  Slip the Crossbar through the lower slider opening, hook into one of the open grate holes and lightly push/pull.  The motion will shake the ash from the grate openings, improving airflow.

    use a crossbar as a wiggle rod for loosing ash on lump grate