Adjustable Rig for the Large Big Green Egg® - Pizza

Pizza with the Large Adjustable Rig


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Pizza and Baking are fan favorites on ceramic grills.  Both cooks can be done on the Large Adjustable Rig but each requires at least one ceramic stone.  A second stone may be necessary depending on the baking temperatures, type and thickness of the dough and your experience.  Since these are specialty cooks, we'll leave the exact details to you but most find success with pizza by raising the baking stone as high as possible in the dome.  

For pizza, setting the baking stone on the Rig Extender is recommended.  The pizza benefits from the reflective and convective heat patterns in the dome.  The added distance from the lump helps maintain even temperatures through the stone. 

 If you find the pizza bottom burns, then a second stone at a lower Rig setting may be required.  Note with multiple stones, the bottom stone needs to be as big as the top stone(s).  This insures the rising heat is pushed out past the edges of the upper baking stone(s).

 Care must be taken when setting the stone at the felt line, upper notches on the Rig.  If the stone is too large, it can push the heat out toward felt lining.  The heat can burn the lining.  Again with pizza, we recommend setting the baking stone high in the dome (on Rig Extender) to minimize damage to the felt.

We are not much on making homemade pizza but we do enjoy baking fresh pizzas.  Our pizza choice is Pappa Murphy's 'take & bake' large thin crust pizza.  To bake the pizza, we use our 16" Round Ceramic Stone on the Rig Extender.  The 16" Stone matches well on size with Pappa Murphy's large thin crust pizza.  

We only use the one stone, no second stone/platesetter underneath for thin pizzas.  If you do thick pizza dough, you may need another stone below the pizza stone.  Baking temperatures are typically 425° F dome thermometer. The two pizzas below are Pappa Murphy's pizzas.

grilling a pappa murphy's cowboy pizza on the 16" stone atop the rig extender grilling pizza high on the rig with extender, high in the dome
top view of grilling pizza high in the dome on rig extender and 16" stone showing the bottoms side of the pizza dough when grilling atop rig extender and 16" pizza stone


We played with baking two pizzas at the same time.  It can be done but this is truly a specialized cook as multiple stones absorb, convect and manage heat differently.  We recommend limiting the stone's diameter to 13" to help preserve the felt and improve airflow though the grill.  The best set-up we found is the sliding grids indirect set-up:  

  • lower blocking stone is at the Rig's lower level;
  • lower pizza stone is at the felt line - Slide Guide set-up with 13" Stone on Oval Grid;
  • upper pizza stone is on the Rig Extender - Oval Grid with 13" Stone on top.
    grilling 2 pizzas on the rig using 3 13" ceramic pizza stones grilling 2 pizzas using sliding grids on the rig with lower grid slid out


     showing the finished pizzas from 2 pizza cook on rig


    Our experience suggests overall cook times can be extended for both pizzas.  The pizza dough on the cook above was Pillsbury's pre-made pizza dough.  Dough was rolled thin.  Both pizzas came from one Pillsbury tube.  The Stones are our 13" diameter Round Ceramic Stones. Having the pizza stones atop the Oval Grids in the sliding grids set-up makes it easy to rotate pizzas and/or the pizza stones.  Just rotate the two Oval Grids.