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This XL Woo Ring fits the XL Big Green EGG®.

Handles, Stones, Drip Pan: Handles make for easy lifting - you'll like this option. Our Ceramic Stone is 18" wide and replaces EGG's ConvEGGtor when smoking ribs, brisket pork shoulder or chicken. You have a choice between 2 Halves or Full Round Stone. Most folks pick the 2 halves, as they are easier to use and provide more cooking options than a full round or convEGGtor. We strongly recommend adding the 18" Drip Pan to protect the Stone(s) and keep the EGG clean. Foil the pan for easy clean up..  

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The XL Woo is a two ring Stainless frame. It's an XL multi-tasker for setting up cooks at the felt line or inside the fire ring. Folks are pleasantly surprised on how robust the XL Woo is. It's a stout XL multi-tasker!

The XL Woo's upper ring holds the 24" XL Big Green EGG grid near the felt line for cooking on a raised grid. We do not recommend using cast iron atop the xl woo, as cast iron works best close the fire.

The XL Woo's lower ring drops inside the fire ring and creates a platform to grill hot & fast, wok with an Asian flare or set-up with a half or full ceramic stone. We package the XL Woo with our 18" Half or Full Ceramic Stone(s) to create the indirect set-up for smoking ribs, brisket, pork shoulder or chicken. We recommend adding the 18" Drip Pan to protect the Stone(s) and keep the EGG clean.  

The XL Woo can be paired with our XL Adjustable Rig for multi-grid or super elevated set-ups. And, you can invert the XL Woo and set it atop the Big Green EGG ConvEGGtor/grid to push the pizza stone into the dome.

If your EGG's fire ring has the ConvEGGtor notches, the XL Woo can sit in or out of them. For most cooks, we recommend out of the notches. Two instances for in the notches are getting close the fire (searing) or when paired with the XL Adjustable Rig.

If your XL Big Green EGG is new or only a couple years old, you can skip this part.

From 2008 to 2012, the Big Green EGG XL grill went through a number of improvements. If your grill is older than 2012, we recommend you take the measurements outlined below to confirm capabilities.

XL Woo Ring: To make sure the XL Woo Ring fits, measure from the top of the fire ring to the felt line. The measurement needs to be approximately 3". See picture below left.

XL Adjustable Rig: For the XL Adjustable Rig to work in tandem with the XL Woo or EGG ConvEGGtor, the measurement from grid to daisy wheel needs to be 16". Follow the three steps and see picture below right .

  • set the XL Big Green EGG cooking grid on the fire ring and close the dome;
  • slide a tape through the daisy wheel until it hits the grid;
  • take the measurement at the daisy wheel. It needs to be approximately 16".

The XL Woo Ring raises the XL Big Green EGG Stainless grid approximately 2.5", a smidge below the felt line. The main cooking grid will sit just below felt line, keeping the grid inside the EGG. Add Handles if you want to use EGG's Half Moon Grids and Griddles atop the XL Woo.

With Older EGGs, the XL Woo can sit in/out of the ConvEGGtor® notches atop the fire ring. Sitting in the notches, the Woo's lower ring drops 2" into the fire ring. Sitting out of the notches (atop the fire ring), the lower ring drops approximately 1.5" into the fire ring.

Any round object 14" to 20" in diameter will fit the lower ring. Ring diameters on the XL Woo are:  

  • 23" OD top ring diameter,
  • 14" OD bottom ring diameter.

Typical accessories for the lower ring include: Stainless or cast iron grids, woks, full or half ceramic stones, skillets, griddles and pans. We recommend a ceramic stone under any drip pan.

The XL Woo Ring is fabricated using 5/16" 304 Stainless Steel round bar. It's fabricated in-house by Ceramic Grill Store, USA product. It's a workhorse and will make cooking on your XL Big Green EGG more enjoyable.

Note: Big Green EGG's 21" XL ceramic pizza stone does not fit the XL Woo's lower ring. The Stone is to big for the fire ring.  

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