The Large Woo Ring Classic and Professional Vision™ Grills

 The Vision Woo fits 2014 and newer Vision Classic, Professional and Signature Series grills. 

Vision Woo Ring for 2014 and new Vision Grills

It's an easy way to raise the Vison main (lower) grid to the felt line for raised grid, direct cooks.  Or, add the 13" Round Ceramic Stone and 14" Stainless Drip Pan on the lower Spider ring to create an indirect (BBQ) set-up with the Vision grid(s) at or above the felt line.

The Vision Woo is an economical solution that utilizes the Vision gids.  It's an easy way to raise the grid(s).

Indirect set-up with Woo and 13" ceramic stone for Vision Grills Setting up indirect with vision woo, 13" ceramic stone and 14" drip pan for vision grills
Woo Ring holding the stock vision grid in the classic vision grill woo ring set-up with both, top and bottom, vision grids in vision grill


It's also possible to add a small cast iron grid on the Woo's lower ring and sear close to the lump.  The lower ring also holds Ceramic Grill Store's 16" wok for cooking Asian style..
Woo Ring set-up with small cast iron grid for searing close to the lump in a vision classic grill Woo Ring holding a 16" wok in the classic vision grill

Vision Woo Ring Classic Pro S Series

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Vision Woo Classic or Pro
Vision Woo Classic or Pro

Vision Large

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Ash Tool - Large
Ash Tool - Large


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13.6 Inch Cast Iron Grid