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XL Woo Adjustable Rig Combo - Unequaled on XL EGG®

✔  Enjoy all the capabilities of the XL Woo Ring;
✔  Enjoy all the capabilities of the XL Adjustable Rig;
✔  Pair Rig and Woo together - Rig sits atop Woo; 
✔  Significantly increases cooking area - up to 3 levels;
✔  Effectively manages grid placement, from fire ring to high in the dome;
✔  Quickly lifts in/out - Woo by Handles, Rig by top ring;
✔  Provides unencumbered lump access with single grid cooks, including BBQ, cooks;
✔  Effortlessly creates zones with one half stone;
✔  Does not interfere with Ash Baskets, including Kick Ash.
✔  Add 20" Half Grid & XL Hanger for true Divide & Conquer grilling on 1-1/2 Grids; 
For big kamados, no other rack system matches the XL Woo Adj. Rig Combo! 

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