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The Vision Woo Ring fits the Vision Classic, Professional and some Signature Series Vision Grills sold at Sams Club, Home Depot and other retail outlets. These are the Vision B Series, C Series and S Series grills with 19" to 19.5" diameter Stainless (lower) cooking grid.

The Vision Woo is a two ring Stainless frame. The top ring holds a grid near the felt line. The smaller diameter ring drops inside the firebowl and creates a platform to hold stones, grids, woks and such:

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The Vision Woo is a two ring Stainless frame. The top ring holds a grid near the felt line. The smaller diameter ring drops inside the firebowl and creates a platform to hold stones, grids, woks and such

By grilling on the top ring, temperature control is less demanding. The lump burns over 1000°F in the core, so going vertical makes it easier to grill in the 325°F to 425°F temperature range. By going up, you can take full advantage of the radiant heat and minimize your chances to burn the food. Plus, handling food with tongs and turners is much easier. Typical cooks are create a light crust, cook to an internal temperature, render fat and/or crisp skins. We do all chicken, fish, veggies and sausage (brat) cooks on a raised grid.

The lower ring gets closer to the fire to sear hot and fast or set-up with a ceramic stone under the cooking grid. When searing, if we get closer to the fire, then we don't have to have as big a fire when compared to using a grid higher up.

The lower ring can hold full or half stones, so two half stones provide more options than one full stone. Use two stones for the indirect, deflector, on BBQ cooks. Use one half stone to create a dual temperature zone when grilling foods that require more attention or differing methods.

And, when you get bored, try wokking. It's fun, different and maybe healthier. The bottom ring holds our 16" Carbons Steel Wok.

The bullet points follow the video for more detail.

  • Sear close to the fire with a 13" - 15" cast iron grid on the lower ring. 13" pictured. BGE's 16" medium cast iron grid is to big. BGE's 13" Small/Minimax cast iron grid is recommended. BGE's 16" medium cast iron grid is to big.
  • Create a two-temperature zone grilling. Set-up with one 15" half stone on the lower ring with grid above. Check 'Important Tab' to make sure the 15s are best option for your Vision.
  • Smoke BBQ, low & slow with two 15" half stones on the lower ring and a grid on the top ring.
  • Go hot & fast with a 16" Carbon Steel Wok on the lower ring;
  • grill at the felt line with the main cooking grid on the top ring;
  • Use the two 15" Half Stones for pizza on the second elevated grid.
  • For cast iron lovers, an 18" cast iron grid fits the top ring.

We recommend you verify the following measurements to insure the Vision Woo Ring fits your Vision grill. Both measurements are across the top of the firebowl, see below:

  • A: The grill's inside diameter needs to be greater than 19".
  • B: The firebowl's inside diameter needs to be greater than 16.25" and less than 17.25".

Depending on your primary needs, we recommend either the 13" or 15" Round Ceramic Stone. The 13" Round is a more open fit in the fire ring. The 15" provides more indirect coverage for big cooks. For the 15" Stone, we recommend your fire bowl have a minimum 16.25" inside diameter across the top of the fire bowl. If you can swing two 15" Half Stones, they'll give you the most options.

To insure accessories (searing grids, stones, pans and woks) fit inside the Spider legs, their diameter needs to be smaller than 15.30 inches. All Measurements are +/- 3/32".

Best to have one of the Spider legs resting under the flip portion of the lower grid.

The Woo raises the Vision's main (lower) grid approximately 2.25" - perfect for Vision Grills with a 2.5" drop from the felt line to top of the fire bowl. The main cooking grid will sit just below felt line, keeping the grid inside the grill.

The Woo's lower ring drops approximately 1.5" into the fire bowl, leaving plenty of room for lump and air flow.  

The Vision Woo is fabricated using 1/4", 304 Stainless Steel round bar. It's fabricated in-house by Ceramic Grill Store, USA product. It's a workhorse and will make cooking on your Vision Grill more enjoyable.

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