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D Shape Cast Iron Griddle for Primo Grills (1 per box)

  • 362 Cast Iron Griddle for Oval Junior - JR 200
  • 365 Cast Iron Griddle for Oval Large - LG 300
  • 360 Cast Iron Griddle for Oval XL - XL 400
  • 362 or 365 Cast Iron Griddle for Kamado Round

The D Griddle offers the best of both worlds - ribbed and flat top grilling. Cook your entire breakfast on the flat griddle. At lunch time, pan fry burgers or chicken breasts. And for dinner, how about blacken steak or fish. Then tomorrow, flip the Griddle over and grill conventionally by adding a nice hatch pattern to the cooks.

Cast iron griddles offers higher heat retention, even heat distribution and faster cooking times over conventional wire grids. Primo's Griddles are very efficient when it comes to cooking with high heat. They absorb heat and pass it on to the food. 

The D Shaped Griddles can sit directly on the firebox or atop the cooking grid near the felt line.  Caution is needed if using two D Griddles on the firebox as they severely limit how the heat escapes the firebox. 

Primo's Cast Iron Griddles come pre-seasoned, ready for immediate use in your Primo Grill. One D shape griddle per box. 

Note, Primo's product numbers are out of sequence. 

Manufactured by Primo Ceramic Grills.

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