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Heat Deflector Plates for Primo Oval Grills - 2 plates per set

  • PG00325 Primo Heat Deflector Plates for Oval Junior - JR 200
  • PG00326 Primo Heat Deflector Plates for Oval Large - LG 300
  • PG00324 Primo Heat Deflector Plates for Oval XL - XL 400
  • 400XL Ceramic Grill Store Half Stones for Oval XL - XL 400
  • 300LG Ceramic Grill Store Half Stones for Oval Large - LG 300

For the LG and XL, we offer two options: Primo and Ceramic Grill Store ceramic stones. The Deflector Plates are "D" shape and come 2 Deflector Plates per box. One box makes a set for the oval grill. 

The Deflector Plates block the heat as it rises off the fire. In ceramic grill circles, this is call an indirect set-up and is key to smoking, low & slow BBQ. Most ceramic grill manufacturers use ceramic pizza stones or platesetters as heat deflectors. Primo prefers to call them Plates instead of stones. Just note, plates or stones, it's one in the same. 

The Ceramic Heat Deflector Plates are needed to cook low & slow, BBQ. The Plates sit on the Porcelain Deflector/Drip Pan Racks, sold separately. The Racks and Plates are under the cooking grids, creating the indirect set-up. The Ceramic Plates deflect the heat and protect the bottom side of the food during the extended, low & slow, cook times.

It is possible to use one Deflector Plate for two zone grilling. Simply, set one Plate and Rack under one of the grids. It's a great way to grill at different temperatures and/or protect delicate foods from over cooking.

Ceramic heat deflector plates come to 2 per box. Heat Deflector Drip Pan Racks are required (not included) to hold the Plates. As an alternative, our Spider holds the Ceramic Plates and offers more flexibility to access the lump and the ability to set a wok.

Note the item numbers for the Primo Deflector Plates are out of sequence: 325 JR, 326 LG, 324 XL. 

Ceramic Grill Store has been selling ceramic stones for indirect set-ups for almost a decade. With the Primo Ovals we found having sharper edges on the radius provided better indirect coverage on big BBQ cooks. Simple having more stone at the corners protects the meat ends better. So, we got with our stone suppliers and fashioned a stone for the Large and XL Oval Grills. Our Stone is the single stone picture.

Our stones are kiln fired to handle the rigors of ceramic grilling. Ceramic Grill Store stones are 5/8" thick, same thickness as Primo and other ceramic grill manufacturer stones. We can offer them at better prices because of our volumes. We pass the savings on to you.

Add the correct Plates to your cart in 'Select Ceramic Heat Deflector Plates for Primo Oval Grills (Pair)' dropdown menu. Racks and Grids shown are not included. 

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Sam Haas

Works great and a great price!!