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Extension Racks for Primo Oval Grills: (1 Rack per box)

  • 332 Extension Rack for XL 400 Oval Grill
  • 315 Extension Rack for LG 300 Oval Grill
  • 312 Extension Rack for JR 200 Oval Grill 

Primo's Extended Cooking Racks add a second cooking area above your main cooking grid. It's a great way to almost double your cooking capacity! Can also be used to push the cook high in the dome. 

The Extended Rack sits atop the main cooking grid. Easy on or off during a cook. The Racks provide enough space between top and bottom grids for easy access or maneuvering on the lower main grid.

Use one or two Racks, your choice. Recommend one for grilling cooks - use it as a staging area for high temp grilling.  Use two if BBQing big, multi-meat, smoking cooks.

Price is for one Extended Cooking Rack - one per box. You need two Extension Racks for a full, two-piece set. 

Racks are porcelain coated and clean up easily. 

Manufactured by Primo Ceramic Grills.

You can add the Extension Rack to your shopping cart in 'Select Extension Rack, 2nd Grid Level, for Primo Oval Grills' dropdown menu.