CGS 3 Leg Spider (Pair) - Primo XL

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$39.99 $35.89

CGS 3 Leg Spider sold in Pairs for Primo's 400 XL Grill

  • These holders do more!
  • Stainless Steel alternative to 333 Primo Heat Deflector Drip Pan Rack.

The XL 3 Leg Spider holds an XL size deflector stone. Use two Spiders and stones for low & slow, BBQ cooks. Use one Spider and stone for dual zone grilling cooks.

Recommended Half Stone(s):

  • CGS Half Stone - Primo XL
  • Primo 324 Deflector Plate

Lookin' for easy lump access!  The Spiders provides open access to the lump. No need to remove them when adding wood chunks and such.

Wanna Wok! The Spiders hold CGS' 14 or 16" Carbon Steel Wok. Great way to add Asian foods to your grilling abilities. 16" Wok recommended for the 400 XL. 

The Spiders are fabricated with 1/4" Stainless Steel Round Bar. One tig weld connects the center short leg to the main wire frame. The Spider drops approximately 1.5 inches into the firebox.

Made in the USA by Ceramic Grill Store. CGS Half Stone (deflector plate) and wok shown are not included.

Price is for two XL 3 Leg Spider - Primo 400 XL (one pair).



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