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Cast Iron Searing Grate for Primo Grills: Half Moon

  • 361 Cast Iron Searing Grate for Oval XL - XL 400
  • 363 Cast Iron Searing Grate for Oval Junior - Jr 200
  • 364 Cast Iron Searing Grate for Oval Large - LG 300

The half-moon, cast iron, cooking grate is perfect for searing meats at high temperatures. It's a great way to lock in the juices. The grate provides high heat retention, even heat distribution and faster cooking times. 

The grate's thin edge side is best for creating grill marks. Drop the meat on the grate, sear till the grate marks show, turn the meat 90° and continue searing to develop the crosshatch pattern. If you can, move the meat to a new, unused, portion of the grate.

The grate's flat side is best for fish, seafood or other foods that need more grate surface underneath. Also, perfect for holding foods that can easily fall through wire grids. 

Each box contains one half moon cast iron grate.  

Note the part numbers for the Cast Iron Searing Grates are out of order: 361 XL, 363 Junior, 364 Large.

Add the proper size searing grate to your shopping cart in the 'Select Cast Iron Searing Grates for Primo Oval Grills' dropdown menu.

Manufactured by Primo Ceramic Grills.