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Primo Grill Ceramic Feet for All Built-in and Wood Table Applications - set of 4 per box

This is important, so please read!

If your Primo Oval Grill is going on/over a wood surface or in a built-in application, the Grill must be placed on these four ceramic feet. The feet elevate the Grill, allowing air movement directly under the Grill. Air movement is needed to help dissipate the heat.

Two feet go in front and two feet go in back, evenly spaced to prevent the grill from rocking when the dome opens. 

Periodically check the surfaces under the grill to insure the heat coming off the grill is not damaging or impacting the surfaces. Also check to make sure residual ash or embers are not impacting the surfaces too. 

Feet are not required if your Oval Grill is going in a #318 or #368 Primo Metal Cart.

Ceramic Feet are sold 4 per box.

Manufactured by Promo Ceramic Grills.