16 Inch Round Stainless Drip Pan


CGS Drip Pans



16" Stainless Drip Pan fits:

-  directly on 18" or larger cooking grid;
-  Large Woo Ring, all grills;
-  Large Adjustable Rig, all grills;
-  Large Spider 24" Pit Boss;
-  Large Spider, 24" Grilla Kong
-  Accessory Rack Kamado Joe Divide & Conquer;
-  ConveGGtor® (platesetter), Large Big Green Egg®.
-  small cooks on XL Round grills.

Use the 16" Stainless Drip Pan to catch drippings on low & slow, BBQ cooks.  Not having to burn off the crud, makes it easier for the next cook.  We recommend using a ceramic stone under the pan for added protection and thermal mass.  Check out our Ceramic Spacers to elevate the drip pan above the ceramic stone. 

Dimensions are 1" tapered side and 16 to 16-1/4" diameter rolled top edge.  The shiny Stainless Pan will heat tarnish. Recommend foiling for easy clean up.  200 series Stainless Steel. 

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