LG/Pit Boss 24 Ceramic Grill - Spider Stone Bundle

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The Spider Stone Bundle fits the Louisiana or Pit Boss 24 Ceramic Grill. The Bundle creates an indirect set-up under the LG/Boss Adjustable Rig. It can also be used with the Louisiana or Pit Boss stock grid configuration (no Adj. Rig). 

The Spider and 16" Ceramic Round Stone convert the Adjustable Rig Combo into a big meat smoking machine. The Spider and Stone sit under the Rig and replace the Louisiana or Pit Boss platesetter as the indirect deflector.  

What's included in the LG/Pit Boss Spider Stone Bundle:

  • Spider drops inside the fire ring and holds the 16" Round Ceramic Stone.
  • 16" Round Ceramic Stone sits on the Spider and acts as the deflector.
  • Option to upgrade from a full 16" Round Stone to pair (2) 16" Half Round Stones. 
  • Optional 16" Stainless Drip Pan collects the drippings, keeping the grill clean for the next cook. 

Use the Spider to hold:

-  16" Full Round Ceramic Stone with optional 16" Stainless Drip Pan.
(2) 16" Half Stones and 16" Stainless Round Drip Pan.
-  (1) 16"  Half Stone to create a dual temperature zone over grid(s) above. 
-  14"-16" grid (16" medium CI Grid is good) to sear close to the lump;
-  16" wok for Asian flair, Spider can be set up or down. 

We recommend two 16" Half Ceramic Stones, as they can give you more options than one full stone.

The added benefit of 16" Half Stones is you can divide the cooking area into zones when grilling on the main Louisiana or Pit Boss cooking grid. Set one 16" Half Stone on the Spider under the grid. One side is direct to the lump. The other side is indirect with the Half Stone blocking the heat.