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MiniMax Big Green EGG Accessories, CGS

Supercharge the MiniMax Big Green EGG

CGS MiniMax EGG Woo Ring
  • Raises grid; easy in and out;
  • Holds full or half 10" ceramic stones;
  • BBQ or 2 Zone Grilling;
CGS MiniMax EGG 3 Leg Spider
  • Holds our 12" Wok;
  • Set Inverted on ConvEGGtor to elevate a pizza stone;
  • Outside any EGG, elevates hot items above table surface;
Kick Ash MiniMax EGG Basket & Can
  • Free CCG Lump Rake;
  • Hassle free lump & ash handling;
  • No more raking ash out the lower vent;
MiniMax EGG Extras
  • 12" Wok, Go Asian 'hot and fast';
  • 13" Cast Iron Grid, add grill marks;
  • Smokeware Cap, better control;

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