12 Inch Carbon Steel Wok - Small/Medium

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12" Wok offers unlimited stir fry possibilities in the 12" to 14" ceramic grill. The round bottom wok is 12" in diameter and 3.5" deep. Two handles are attached by rivets.

We recommend using a Spider to hold the wok in the grill. 

    Carbon Steel is the premier metal for a wok. Unlike cast iron which absorbs heat, steel passes heat to the food fast. Wokking is a fast cook, so we need the heat to move fast. Imported from Asia (makes sense to import a wok from Asia).

    Aluminum Wok Rack: The Rack holds the wok on a table or counter, so the wok doesn't roll. Can be used with 12", 14" or 16" woks. Sold separately.

    Chinese 6" Wok Skimmer: Great for removing the food from the wok. Big scoops for quick transfer. 6" diameter stainless head is perforated and bowl shape for easy food handling. Wood handle. 14" overall length. Sold separately.

    Palmyra Bristle Brush: 8" Palmyra Wok Brush is specially designed to tackle the round wok shape. The large bristle area and stubby handle length provide plenty of leverage to ensure your wok gets clean. The Palmyra bristles are perfect for attacking rough surfaces and hard-to-remove foods. Easiest to clean the wok while hot with water.  Clean similar to cast iron.  Sold separately.

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