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Large Woo 3 or 5 Leg for Large EGG - Large BGE

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Select 3 or 5 Leg Woo Ring for Large Big Green EGG
Select Stone and Stainless Drip Pan

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The Large 3 or 5 Leg Woo Ring fits the Large Big Green EGG®.

Select 3 leg if your EGG's fire ring is smooth on top (current EGG) or has the 3 notches for the ConvEGGtor. Go 5 leg if your EGG's fire ring has the original 5 dimples on top.The 3 leg is for the current large Egg.

We recommend this Woo Ring if you do not own the Big Green Egg® ConveGGtor (platesetter) or want a straight forward approach to raised grid cooks at the felt line. The cool thing with this Woo is the lower ring is above the fire ring. Above makes it possible to use a bigger, heat deflector stone than EGG's ConvEGGtor® for BBQ cooks or set a half stone and create two temperature zones (direct, indirect) over the cooking grid.

Ceramic Stone of choice is a pair of 16" Half Ceramic Stones. Handles are optional for easy in/out to access to the lump. Handles are required to add a second level, via the PSWoo Extender and 16" Sliding D Grid.

Scroll the pictures above but here is what the Woo can do:

- raise the Large Big Green EGG grid near the felt line to grill or smoke BBQ;
- to smoke BBQ requires the addition of a ceramic stone; 16" Half Stones recommended;
- use a half stone, again 16" Half recommended, for dual temperature grilling at the felt line;
- hold a 16" Wok for Asian flair;
- set-up with two stones for pizza (16" as deflector, 15" for pizza).

Recommended Accessories to consider:

- two 16" Ceramic Half Stones to create a half or full indirect set-up.
- 16" wok;
- 16" Stainless Round Drip Pan;
- 15" stone for pizza.

Stones and Drip Pans shown are optional. Stainless Grid and/or fire ring is not included - they came with your EGG. Fabricated using Stainless steel components. Made in the USA exclusively by CGS, Ceramic Grill Store.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
David Blanchard
Excellence - Woo

Replaced my broken OEM conveggtor with a woo with 16-inch stone & drip pan. Fits perfectly in my large BGE. Precision design and manufacturing. Allows better low temperature control than OEM. Stone securely retained in woo to protect it. Easy to handle the assembly. Arrived in 2-3 days and did not expedite. Packaging was custom fit to protect contents. Happy camper.

James MB

I’m a repeat buyer. My (Med) woo from 2008 is still going strong and I wouldn’t be without it.
I leave it outside all year in a wet Scottish climate and it hasn’t shown any sign of age. I had the crossbars welded on (previous design) to stop losing them And I guess it’s paid off.
I’ve just received another - in large this time.
Different design but I’m so happy, it’s as bullet proof as the last but bigger (obvs).
This should be standard issue with the egg!
Love it
Would buy again
Will never need to - it’ll outlast me!

Bryan J
Very happy

I bought the Woo+two half stones+stainless steel drip pan.

I'm very happy with this purchase. I made some Tri-Tip the other night and it was great. It's traditional on the Central coast to cook tritip on SM Grill over Red Oak but that's not practical for just cooking for my family. Instead, I cooked it on BGE and the woo w/handles let me add a chunk of Red Oak for flavor right before I added the meat. I cooked it at 500F and the outside was perfectly charred while the inside was perfectly pink.

I have also made bread using the Woo and while this helped alot I think it would be even better if I had the Woo Extender which is a purchase I will make later this year when some funds free up.

My only complaint is that the SS drip pan has warped on me. Not sure how this happened but it is what it is...

Planning to cook a whole chicken this week and I'm interested in seeing how much the Woo without stones reduces flare ups. This does seem to require a bit of a relearning of the BGE but if you know what you are doing it's pretty simple.

Steven Hoffman
The Large Woo. My favorite CGS product!!

I'm a big fan of Ceramic Grill Store products. I have the Adjustable Rig, the PSWoo, and now the Woo for my Large Big Green Egg. Of the three, the Woo is my favorite. It has several advantages. I'll list them below:
1. The Woo is simple which is a BIG selling point to me. No small parts keep track of or lose.
2. You can use a 16" stone with it which is MUCH larger than the BGE convector which is only 13". This is far superior to the convector. You food no longer burns on the edges.
3. You can also use a 16" half stone.
4. For elevated cooking you have two different heights. Either set the legs down in the convector slots on the fire ring or set them on top of the fire ring. The PSWoo does NOT give you this flexibility.
5. It works with the Large PSWoo extender to give added height for cooking pizza.
6. I would recommend purchasing a 16" stone, a 16" drip pan, and the extender with the Woo.
7. Unless you are cooking large amounts of food and need multiple cooking grids at the same time this is the best product. If you are cooking large amounts then you may want to go with the Adjustable Rig.

Ian McClure
Awesome for Imperial kamado restorations

Added a ton of flexibility to my vintage 1974 "modern style" imperial kamado, which did not come with a plate setter. This plus a 13 and 15 inch pizza stone and drip pan give you everything you need for every type of cook you would do at half the cost of a plate setter alone. Also, the modern style kamado's fire ring sits only about 1.5 inches below the felt line, but the dome is tall; this woo ring sits low enough that I have clearance to close the lid. I doubt I would be able to use the Adjustable Rig on my setup, as I think it would be too tall. Hope this helps anyone thinking of restoring their vintage modern style imperial.