Adjustable Rig Grid/Hanger Combo - Kamado Joe Classic

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This Combo is specifically designed for all Kamado Joe Classic grills.

The Combo works with all Kamado Joe Classic grills: 1 & 2  with separate fire ring/bowl or MFP firebox.

What's in the Combo:

  • Kamado Joe Classic Adjustable Rig with Pair Crossbars;
  • 18" Stainless D Grid;
  • Large Half Stone Hanger w/ Crossbar.

Check the video but in a nutshell, the Combo: 

  • elevates grilling on a raised grid higher into the dome;
  • provides quick access to the lump, entire set-up lifts out as one unit;
  • allows complete access to the lower grid when grilling with 1-1/2 levels;
  • set-ups for big brisket or pork butt cooks on two grids;
  • raises the pizza stone into the dome; 
  • works with the D&C on specialty set-ups.


The Combo's capabilities are expandable by adding:

  • Large Slide Guide and 13"x17" Oval Stainless Grid,
  • 16" Stainless Drip Pan, keep the Half Stones clean; or 
  • 15" Round Ceramic Pizza Stone. 

We are proud to say, the Combo pieces are all 304 Stainless and fabricated by/for Ceramic Grill Store in the USA.