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Simple way to add versatility to the Big Joe. Fits all Big Joes. 

The key to the Expander is its two grid system. With two grids, you can configure grid size and position depending on what and how much you're cooking. 

The Big Joe Expander fits both Big Joe 2, Big Joe 3 and works with the Divide & Conquer system. Checkout the video to see how easy it is.

Most folks find:

  • When grilling, the half grid allows easy access to and adds plenty of shelf space above the Divide and Conquer grids. 
  • When BBQing, both grids on the Expander provides sufficient grid space for big briskets, multiple pork butts or several rack of ribs above the Divide & Conquer system. 
  • For pizza, the Expander puts the pizza stone high in the dome - just where you want it!
  • Being able to move the Expander to different levels on the Divide and Conquer system adds a great deal of versatility.  

The Big Joe Expander is a Ceramic Grill Store Exclusive. Designed by us and fabricated in our wire shop!