XL Expander Half Stone Hanger - XLBJ

Ceramic Grill Store

Ceramic Grill Store


This is just the Half Stone Hanger. The Adjustable Rig Oval/Half Grid Combo - Big Joe accessories pictured are not included. 

The Half Stone Hanger works with the XL Adjustable Rig. The Hanger holds the Big Joe or CGS 18" Half Ceramic Stone along the backside of the Rig. Great way to go indirect with the 20" Half Grid atop the Rig. Set-up for 1-1/2 Grid cooks with the Adjustable Rig. 


It's best to have the Half Stone right under the grid. This creates the most consistent temperatures over the grid above. With the Half Stone Hanger, distance between grid and stone is less than one inch. That is top of the stone to top of the grid.