Kamado Joe Classic, Saffire, Broil Keg, Akorn Stainless Kick Ash Basket, KAB-CJ-SS

Kick Ash Basket

Kick Ash Basket

$99.98 $74.89

KAB-CJ-SS Stainless Steel Kick Ash Basket

Free Lump Rake Included 

  • Perfect for moving hot lump around the firebox
  • Ideal for breaking up large lump chunks

Ideal for the: 
- Kamado Joe Classic Joe and Classic Joe II
- Broil King Keg 
- Akorn Grill
- Saffire Grill

  • Heavy duty stainless steel wire
  • Electropolished stainless steel
  • 9" Bottom Dia., 15" Top Dia. and 4.25" Depth
  • Overall height is 5.75" including handles
  • Use with or without your lower charcoal grate
  • Basket does not interfere with our Spider or Adjustable Rig Combo

We prefer the Kick Ash Basket over the Kamado Joe basket for two reasons:

  • Kick Ash Basket has handle for easy lifting,
  • Kick Ash Basket does not interfere with placing both half stones on the Divide and Conquer's lower ring. The four hooks on the Kamado Joe basket can interfere with placing both stones on the Divide and Conquer's lowest ring level. 
Optional CGS Adjustable Basket Divider, CGS-12L
  • All 1/4" Round Stainless Steel Rod;
  • Adjustable - Place in your basket to allow for 1/3 to 2/3 of your typical lump volume
  • Uses: Lump Reduction, Indirect and Direct Grilling at the same time

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