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The Deep Drop Spider fits the multi-piece firebox on the Kamado Joe Big Joe.

The Spider is one of our cool, yet simple, inventions. We've been making Spiders for kamado grills since 2005. This Spider drops deeper into the firebowl than the Divide & Conquer (D&C). The Spider ring is smaller than the D&C Ring, letting you:

  • sear close the lump on cast iron grids or griddles;
  • wok hot and fast, Asian style;
  • set one of the D&C half stones under the Joetisserie.

The Deep Drop Spider can be inverted, ring up, and placed on the top level of the Divide & Conquer system. It's a great way to position a pizza stone higher in the dome. Check the video on how to place the Spider on the D&C grids.

Important:  The Deep Drop Spider - Big Joe: 

  • holds Classic Joe grids or grates, not Big Joe grids or grates. Our 16" wok is recommended. 
  • fabricated to fit the new multi-piece firebox, not recommended for the old style ceramic fire ring.
  • does not interfere with the Divide & Conquer rack. 
  • holds only one D&C half stone, both stones are to wide.
Checkout the quick video for example set-ups. 



  • holds round items 14.5" to 19" in diameter;
  • approx. 14.25" OD ring;
  • approx. 3.0" drop into the firebowl;
  • fabricated with 4/16" Stainless round bar; it's solid;
  • Tig welds for improved strength and durability.
Made in the USA exclusively by Ceramic Grill Store.