Find your GrillGrate - EGG, KJoe, Pit Boss, Primo, Vision



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GrillGrates fit these popular Ceramic Grills: 

  • Primo Oval Ceramic Grills - 400 XL, 300 LG, Kamado Round
  • Big Green Egg - XL, Large, Medium, MiniMax, Small
  • Kamado Joe - Big Joe, Classic
  • Vision - Classic B Series, Professional, Signature Series 
  • Pit Boss - K22, K24

We've taken the guesswork out of picking the right set of GrillGrates for ceramic, kamado, style grills. We match all the popular grills and grate sizes, right here.

GrillGrate's ability to direct, control and manage high temperatures make them the perfect choice for ceramic, kamado style grills. GrillGrates eliminate flare-ups, vaporize grease drippings and develop steakhouse quality grill marks. Food comes off the grill moist and flavorful everytime.

GrillGrates come in multi-panel packs, typically 2-4 per box. A good rule of thumb is:

  • Small ceramic grills, less than 16" diameter, use 2 panels.
  • Large ceramic grills, 18" - 22" diameter, use 3 panels.
  • XL or larger ceramic grills, 24" and greater diameter, have the option of 2 or 4 panels. 

GrillGrate panes are 5.25" wide. They are hard Anodized Aluminum which is two times harder than Stainless Steel, and since they are Aluminum, GrillGrates will season with use and never rust.

Plus remember what the veteran cook-off competitors say about GrillGrates.......

.....If you are not grilling with GrillGrates, you're at a distinct disadvantage!....

For ceramic, kamado style, grills, the table lists GrillGrate options. You can find out more about each on our GrillGrate home!

2 Panels
13.75" dia. Panels

Small Big Green Egg - Measure
MiniMax Big Green Egg - Measure
Joe Junior Kamado Joe - Measure
2 Panels
Medium Big Green Egg
3 Panels
Large Big Green Egg
Classic Kamado Joe
Kamado Primo
Classic B Series Vision
Professional Series Vision
Signature Series Vision
18" Grill Dome
20" Acorn CharGriller
Big Steel Keg
2 Panels
Half Set
Oval 400 XL Primo
2 Panels
Half Set

XL Big Green Egg
Big Joe Kamado Joe
Pit Boss, Louisiana Grills 24

3 Panels
K22 Pit Boss