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If you are in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, we'll save you hundreds on your Primo 400 XL Oval Grill purchase. Ceramic Grills is what we do including Primo Oval 400 XL Grill Packages by Primo Grill.

  • Popular 400 XL Oval Grill Configurations: 778 Grill only for Table or Built-in application, 7800 All-In-One, 778 Grill with 368 Metal Cart or 778 Grill with 370 Metal Cart/SS Side Shelves 
  • All Primo 400 XL Grills come with our Free CGS Deflector Stones and Stainless Deflector Racks ($175 Savings). Plus, we include an Ash Tool, Grid Gripper, Fire Starters and 20 lbs. lump with all 400 XL Oval Grills!
  • Save more on in-store accessories, including Kick Ash Basket, Electronic Controller, Stainless Grids, Primo products and more. 

The Primo Oval 400 XL is the biggest Oval in the Primo Grill Line. If you are stuck thinking the XL Big Green EGG® or Kamado Joe Big Joe are too big, then the Primo XL is a good pick. At 400 Sq. inches, it's approximately 50 Sq. Inches smaller than the XL EGG and Kamado Joe Big Joe. 

Don't let the slightly smaller size worry you, the Primo Oval XL 400's long oval shape is perfect for a big smoking brisket, long ribs or multiple pork butts. The XL Oval's firebox can be divided for dual temperature or quick/small grilling cooks. Sear steaks on one side while roasting veggies on the other side. 

Highly Recommended Accessories:

  • Ceramic Feet, you'll need them to elevate the 400 XL grill on built-in or table applications.
  • Rack Extenders - One works great for adding more grilling area. Use two for big, low & slow BBQ cooks.
  • Divider Plate - ideal for shrinking the grilling area or creating dual temperature zones. Recommended for grilling cooks. 

Shop our Denton TX store, you'll save hundreds $$$ more with our in-store specials......

We complete the Primo 400 XL packages by adding our 400 XL Deflector Plates and Deflector Racks (Spiders). We give you everything you need to grill and smoke low & slow BBQ. 

Comparable to Primo's Porcelain Deflector Racks, our Stainless Racks hold the Ceramic Stones under the cooking grid. Use one Stone (as pictured) for zone cooks or both Stones for low & slow BBQ. We carry more Ceramic Stone sizes than all the ceramic grill manufacturers. 

Our Stainless Deflector Racks are open for easy access to the lump. Plus, our Racks hold a 16" wok. Wokking is a fun and healthy alternative cook. 

Plus, we have Stainless Steel Cooking Grids for the Primo 400 XL too. They are a Ceramic Grill Store exclusive.

The 400 XL Oval is Primo's most popular ceramic grill. It offers the greatest cooking area. Grill, bake, roast or smoke any food. A great choice to cook for as little as two people or a big family gathering. Every Primo grill is made to be a primary outdoor cooker, but any of them can be added to a built-in outdoor kitchen or to complement an existing grill or smoker.  


  • Grill Weight -  200 lbs., 
  • Main Cooking Area - 400 sq in.,  
  • Optional Extension Racks - 280 sq in.      
  • Total Potential Cooking Area - 680 sq in.      
  • Main Cooking Grid - 18.5" x 25"
  • Main Cooking Grid Two-Piece Reversible  
  • Dual-Function Metal Top
  • Stainless Steel Draft Door
  • Cast Iron Charcoal Grate
  • Made in the USA
  • 20 Year Warranty Limited Lifetime on Ceramic Parts

    Manufactured by Promo Grill.

    At Ceramic Grill Store - ceramic grills is what we do, bigger and better than anyone! We'll show you how to take full advantage of the Primo Oval design. No dealer can match us on knowledge, availability or price. We beat them all! 

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