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ConvEGGtor, also known as a platesetter, for all Big Green Egg Grills

Full Round with 3 Leg ConvEGGtors:
  • XL ConvEGGtor®, 401052, 0665719401052 
  • Large ConvEGGtor® 401021, 0665719401021 
  • Medium ConvEGGtor®, 401038, 0665719401038 
  • Small ConvEGGtor®, 401045, 0665719401045 
  • MiniMax ConvEGGtor®, 116604, 0665719116604 

Half Moon ConvEGGtors:

  • 2XL Half Moon ConvEGGtor, 120960, 0665719120960
  • XL Half Moon ConvEGGtor, 121820, 0665719121820
  • Large Half Moon ConvEGGtor, 121035, 0665719121035
  • Medium Half Moon ConvEGGtor, 127373, 0065719127373 

The convEGGtor®, also known as a platesetter, is a heat deflector that creates a barrier between the food and fire. A deflector is necessary on extended cooks, as it protects the bottom of the food from burning. 

Using a heat deflector (ceramic piece) in ceramic grills is universally called an indirect set-up. Most indirect set-up are typically:

  • BBQ cooks - ribs, brisket, pork butt or smoked chicken;
  • extended cooks with cook temperatures below 300°F,
  • delicate cooks that don't favor direct heat,
  • pizza cooks. 
The ConvEGGtor can use legs up with a grid on top. This is the common set up for grilling and BBQ. Or, the ConvEGGtor can be legs down which is the common pizza set-up. The pizza stone rests above the ConvEGGtor's plate.


Most ceramic grill manufacturers prefer ceramic (pizza) stones over the convEGGtor. Flat stones are easier to handle and offer more flexibility when it comes to setting up a cook.