18 Inch Round Ceramic Stone

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18" Round Ceramic Stone's Most Common Uses

  • Pizza Stone for grills or ovens with 22" or larger cooking grid,
  • XL Adjustable Rig Heat Deflector,
  • XL Woo Ring Heat Deflector, 
  • XL Spider Heat Deflector, 
  • Does not fit the Big Joe Divide and Conquer Rack

Pizza Stone: XL size pizza stone for round grills with a 22" plus diameter cooking grid. This includes the XL EGG, Big Joe and Weber Summit.

Can be used as a pizza stone on grills with a 20"- 22"diameter cooking grid. Care must be taken when pushing the stone high in the dome to insure proper airflow around the stone. A better alternative for these grills is the 16" Stone. 

 The 18 Stone can be used on the XL Adjustable Rig and XL Woo Ring as a Heat Deflector but a pair of 18" Half Stones is preferred/recommended over the 18 Full Stone.  

The 18" Stone is not recommended for the Large (18" - 20") size grills. It's just too big - see our 15" or 16" Stones. The 18 Stone does not fit the Classic or Big Joe Kamado Joe® Divide & Conquer system.

Stone specifications: 18" to18-1/4" diameter, 5/8+" thickness and high refractory ceramics. Do not oil or use dish detergents on the stone. Do not clean with high heat. Best to set the stone as the grill comes to temperature to prevent thermal shock. Protect the topside of the Stone with foil or drip pan. 

Check out our 18" Stainless Drip Pan, Ceramic Spacers and Pizza Turner. Use the Pan to catch drippings on BBQ cooks. Use the Spacers to lift the pizza stone above the blocking stone. Use the long Turner to work/check the pizza dough during the cook. 

Made specifically for CGS, Ceramic Grill Store.

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