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Big Green Egg


Big Green Egg

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Cast Iron Dual Side (Flat or Ridge) Plancha Griddle for Large, XL, XXL Big Green Eggs

  • Half Moon Cast Iron Dual Side Plancha Griddle (XXL, XL, L) 104090 665719104090
  • Half Moon Cast Iron Dual Side Plancha Griddle (XXL, XL) 116406 665719116406

Are you a fan of blacken steaks or smash burgers. The Plancha Griddle provides the flat surface to grill with high heat. Same great affects as a cast iron grid, just a full grilling surface. Use the flat or ridge side, your choice.

Also great for sautéing vegetables or even cooking breakfast! Use the flat side for pancakes and eggs, the ridged side for sausage and bacon. The Cast Iron Plancha Griddle can be used individually or in pairs.

L/XL/XXL  Half Moon is 9" x 16"

L/XL/XXL round is 14" diameter

Comes preseasoned.