Band and Hinge Assembly Kit - Big Green EGG

Big Green Egg


Big Green Egg


Includes Entire Bands/Springs/Handle Assembly

Important:  Before ordering, do yourself a favor and measure the diameter of your EGG's cooking grid. The grid is what the food sits on. Do not measure any part of the actual EGG. Compare your measurement to the diameters listed along side the Big Green EGGs listed below. This is the easiest way to insure you get the right size Band Kit. Trust us on this, as you would not believe the number of folks who are mistaken on their EGG's actual size.  

Band Kits; 

  • XXL, 2XLarge w/ Anti-Sway – 29" diameter grid,
  • XL EGG – 24" diameter grid, 
  • Large EGG – 18.25" diameter grid, 
  • Medium EGG – 15" or 15.75" diameter grid.
  • Small or MiniMax EGG – 13" diameter grid
  • Mini EGG – 9.5" or 10" diameter grid.  

Note: Due to their use and packaging, Band Kits are non-returnable. 

Over the years, EGG has made several modifications to the various band assemblies. These are the most current Band Assemblies by EGG and generally in stock for immediate shipping. The assembly is basically the same for each grill. 

Link:  EGG and Bank Assembly Instructions 

Package includes: Replacement Hinges, Springs, both Bands, Handle Assembly and package nuts/bolts. It takes about one hour to do the change out. It's not difficult! 

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