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Big Green Egg


Replacement Spring Assist Bands by Big Green Egg

Includes Entire Assembly

Over the years, EGG has made several modifications to the various band assemblies. These are the most current Band Assemblies by EGG and in stock for immediate shipping.

Package includes: Replacement Hinges, Springs, both Bands, Handle Assembly and package nuts/bolts. It takes about one hour to do the change out. It's not difficult! 

On the bigger EGGs, the springs are easy to manage

  • XXL, 2XLarge w/ Anti-Sway – 121271,
  • XLarge EGG – 117908, 
  • Large EGG – 117984, 
  • Medium EGG – 120021, 
  • Small or MiniMax EGG – 126870
  • Mini EGG – 117922, 

Complete Warranty details can be found here - Big Green Egg Warranty.

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