2 Gringo's Chupacabra - Special Blend

2 Gringo's Chupacabra

2 Gringo's Chupacabra Rubs

2 Gringo's Chupacabra

A bit of a “kick” coupled with a melody of citrus notes
  • A delicious blend of spices with a bit of citrus and a touch of back heat
  • Versatile enough to be used on any type of meat
  • Sprinkle on salads, vegetables, french fries, popcorn and more!

12 oz bottle 

Made in Texas with the finest ingredients. 

2 Gringos Chupacabra Collective Awards:

  • Perfect 180 Score Brisket 2017 World Food Championship and 2018 KCBS Coof-Off
  • Grand Champion Memphis in May 2018
  • Over 25 Combined IBCA, KCBS and SCA Grand Champions
  • Hundreds of Awards in various National Championships

Ingredients: Salt, Monosodium Glutamate, Garlic, Spices, Sugar, Paprika, Onion, Brown Sugar, Chili Peppers, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Bell Peppers, Butter Flavor [(Corn Starch, Modified Tapioca Starch, Dextrose, Gum Arabic, Artificial Flavor, and Silicon Dioxide (Free Flow Agent)], Tenderizer (Proteolytic Enzyme derived from Aspergillus Flavus Oryzae and from Papaya), Lemon Oil, Lime Oil, Silicon Dioxide (Free Flow Agent), and Citral.