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Flip3 Ring, Flip3 XL Spider & 21.5-Inch Grid



Just as a double check:  Your measurement and fire ring should be as pictured to use the equipment and set-up scenarios outlined below. 

Ok, you’ve visually doubled check and measured twice, so no more waiting.  Let’s get right to the good stuff: equipment and set-ups.

The General Specs of the designs are:

Flip3 Ring 

  • flipringOverall height is approximately 4.375 inches.
  • The two ring diameters are 20 & 23-inches. 
  • Six vertical zig-zag rods connect the two rings A 14-inch portion of the 20-inch ring is cut away, lowered and reconnected to two rods. The cut away creates easy access to a lower grid and into the fire ring when the Flip3 Ring is in the up position. 
  • The material is 1/4-inch, 304 stainless round bar.


  • flipringFlip down raises the XL grid to the felt line. The small ring hugs the fire ring’s wall for minimal interference. 
  • Flip up raises the 21.5-inch grid approximately 4.50-inches above the lower XL grid or fire ring. In the up position, the rods outer bend acts as a bumper to keep the Flip3 Ring centered on the fire ring or XL grid.

Flip3 XL Spider - Upgrade from Triangle Hanger

  • Flip3 XL SpiderDiameter of ring is 14-inches. 
  • Material is 5/16-inch, 304 Stainless Steel round bar 
  • Can hang down inside the fire ring or up toward the dome. • When positioned in the three deep notches atop the fire ring, the drop from the top of the fire ring to the top of the XL Spider is 1.25 inches. 
  • Tig Welded and passivated for improved durability

21.5-Inch Nickel Plated Round Grid

  • FlipringDiameter is 21.5-inches. 
  • Just about equals the XL grid for useable space, when compared to an XL grid sitting on the fire ring. 
  • One center support bar connect the crosswires 
  • The grid is nickel plated steel. 

Note: Using the Flip3 Ring in the up position puts the 21.5-inch grid in the dome.   It is possible that the dome thermometer may get in the way.   Information on thermometers can be found here.

Before going into the set-up options, here are a couple simple points to remember.  With the Flip3 Ring, it’s either up with the 21.5-inch grid or down with the XL grid.   With the XL Spider, it too is either up or down.  Up puts the work platform up above the fire ring.  Down puts the XL Spider’s work platform down in the fire ring.  
We recently made changes to the Flip3 set-up. The changes include:
  • replacing the Triangle Hanger with an XL Spider;
  • adding a 17.5-inch Ceramic Stone;
  • changing to a 21.5-inch nickel grid.  
We'll incorporate the new changes as time permits.  We recommend the 17.5-inch Ceramic Stone for indirect set-ups.  It matches better with the 18-inch drip pan. 
Now that you are familiar with the designs, let’s look at set-up options.  
Grilling -Raised Grid(s) & Direct

These are the fast and reasonably hot cooks: brats, ABTs, hamburgers, spatchcock or cut-up chicken, veggies and such.   The set-ups are great for grilling when you need the heat but not the worry about burning something.  

In addition to the standard XL grid atop the fire ring, the XL Flip3 Ring provides four additional direct grilling options:  
1.    Raised XL grid at the felt line;
2.    Raised 21.5-Inch grid in the dome, 4.5 inches above the fire ring;
3.    Two grids – Big Green Egg® XL grid on the fire ring & 21.5-Inch grid 4.5 inches above the fire ring;

With options 1-3, if you think you’ll need to change over from a direct cook to an indirect cook, we recommend setting the XL Spider in the fire ring before starting the cook.  It makes for a quick change over during the cook.   

Grilling Option 1: XL Grid at the Felt Line


What you need:  XL Flip3 Ring and Big Green Egg® XL grid

This is a quick set-up and only requires the XL Flip3 Ring and XL grid.  Just set the XL Flip3 Ring on the fire ring in the down position and drop on the Big Green Egg® XL grid.   Raising the grid to the felt rim creates more space (open-air) between the grid and the lump.  Plus, handling food, using tongs and such is easier, as the grid is elevated to the felt rim.

Grilling Option 2: 21.5-Inch Grid in the Dome

What you need:  XL Flip3 Ring and 21.5-inch grid

With the XL Flip3 Ring sitting on the fire ring in the up position, the 21.5-Inch grid can be positioned above the felt line, The grid height is 4.5 inches above the fire ring, 1.5 inches into to the dome.   If you desire more space between the lump and grid or need access to the lump, we recommend this set-up.   This set-up creates at least 8-inches of open-air between the lump (top of the firebox) and 21.5-inch grid.   You can cook hotter with more control.   Plus, there is ample space under the grid to access the lump or add wood chunks during the cook.   This is our preferred method for grilling on the XL Big Green Egg®.   Also, the 21.5-inch grid offers the same usable grid area as the 24-inch (XL) grid sitting on the fire ring.  

Grilling Option 3: Two Grids


What you need:  XL Flip3 Ring, XL Big Green Egg® grid, and 21.5-inch grid

For two grids, it’s a quick and easy set-up.  The set-up includes the XL grid on the fire ring and the 21.5-inch grid on the XL Flip3 Ring.  Simply, set the XL grid on the fire ring, set the XL Flip3 Ring in the up position on the grid and set the 21.5-inch grid atop the XL Flip3 Ring.  We recommend having a place outside the cooker to set the XL Flip3 Ring/21.5 grid when you need to get at the lower grid.  With hand protection, it’s just a quick lift up and out of the loaded Flip3 Ring/21.5 grid and the bottom Big Green Egg® XL grid is fully accessible.

Barbequing  – One or Two Grids & Indirect

The single grid cook is probably the most common low & slow cook on the XL Big Green Egg®.   The XL Flip3 Ring, XL Spider and 21.5-inch grid make available numerous set-up possibilities.   Below, are a couple of the more common set-ups.   The primary differences between the set-ups are: (1) grid location, (2) distance between pieces and (3) lump access.  

BBQing Option 1:  XL Flip3 Ring up, 21.5-inch Grid & XL Spider down or up:

What you need: XL Flip3 Ring, XL Spider, 21.5-inch Grid, 16" or 17.5" Ceramic  Stone and 18" Drip Pan

Having the XL Flip3 Ring up and the XL Spider down creates the greatest space (open-air) between the indirect pieces and grid.   The set-up is similar to Grilling Option 2 (21.5-inch Grid in the Dome) only indirect now.   The XL Spider sits down in the fire ring and holds the Ceramic Stone and Drip Pan.   The XL Flip3 Ring is up with the 21.5-inch grid on top.   If you plan on a very long cook, then this set up is not your best option as the XL XL Spider sits in the fire ring.   
If a cook requires long hours, then this set-up is best.  It’s simply the XL Spider in the up position above the fire ring.   As you can see from the pictures below, all the pieces are above the fire ring.  So, you can fill the entire fire ring with lump and still have open space under the Ceramic Stone and Drip Pan.   This is the most aggressive set-up we offer for loading the cooker with lump.

BBQing Option 2: XL Grid with/without the XL Flip3 Ring & XL Spider Hanger Down

What you need:  Big Green Egg® XL Grid, XL Flip3 Ring, XL Spider, 21.5-inch Grid, 16" or 17.5" Ceramic Stone & 18" Drip Pan

If you want to keep the grid closer to the lump, then consider these two options.  The only difference between these two set-ups is where the XL grid is positioned.  If you prefer the XL grid real close to the Ceramic Stone/Drip Pan, then set the Big Green Egg® XL grid directly on the fire ring, no need for the XL Flip3 Ring (pictures above).   If you prefer to raise the Big Green Egg® XL grid to the felt line, then set the XL Flip3 Ring in the down position with the XL grid on top.  This is similar to Grilling Option 1 (XL grid at the felt line) only indirect now (pictures below).    With either set-up, the XL Spider is positioned first and sits in the fire ring holding the Ceramic Stone and Drip Pan. 


BBQing Option 3: Two Grids Indirect

What you need:  XL Flip Ring, XL Spider, Big Green Egg® XL grid, 21.5-inch grid, 16" or 17.5" Ceramic Stone & 18" Drip Pan

If you need space for a really big cook, then consider this set-up: XL grid on the fire ring with 21.5-inch grid above.   With this set-up, the XL Spider holds the indirect piece(s) in the fire ring.   The “XL” grid sits on the fire ring.   The XL Flip3 Ring with the 21.5-inch grid sits on the Big Green Egg® XL grid.   The spacing between grids is approximately 4.375-inches.   This set-up was used in the 50#, six pork butt cook pictured at the beginning of the XL Flip Ring narrative.

Half Stone


If you need to partition a cook, then Big Green Egg's® 21.5 half stone and our XL Spider make a good combo.  You have two options with the stone placement.  The first option is the XL Spider positioned down in the fire ring with the half stone on top, pictured above left.  This set-up provides multiple grid options:

  •     XL grid on the fire ring;
  •     XL grid at the felt line with the XL Flip3 Ring in the down position;
  •     21.5-Inch grid 4.5-inches above the fire ring with the XL Flip3 Ring in the up position,
  •     double grids or one & one-half grids with the XL grid on the fire ring and the XL Flip3 Ring up and the 21.5-inch grid.    

The second option is the XL Spider and half Stone inverted, sitting above the fire ring, pictured above right.   This puts the top of the stone directly under the 21.5-Inch grid.  This set-up creates the greatest space between the half stone and lump.


Triangle Hanger replaced with XL Spider

We recently changed from the Triangle Hanger to the XL Spider.  The XL Spider works better with woks. Functionally with the XL Flip3 system, the Triangle Hanger and XL Spider are equal.  We will upgrade the pictures as time permits. 

The XL Spider (Triangle Hanger) is a staging platform for indirect cooks or setting cookware directly over the Lump Reducing Rings.   The 14" ring diameter on the XL Spider diameter matches up with the Lump Reducing Ring's diameter.  The XL Spider hang like the Triangle Hanger, from either set of notches atop the fire ring.  Plus, it can be inverted to provide a staging platform above the fire ring.

A 14-inch diameter round object is about the smallest object that will fit the XL Spider.  The XL Spider (Triangle Hanger) can hold objects as large as 19" in diameter.  Big Green Egg’s® XL stone does not fit with the XL Spider (Triangle Hanger) positioned down in the fire ring, as the stone is 21-inches in diameter.        

We believe having 360 degrees of open air (space) around the indirect pieces and the ability to size/shape the indirect pieces to match the cook are keys to achieving and maintaining uniform temperatures across the cook zone.   Our most common indirect set-up is either our 16" or 17.5" Ceramic Stone & 18-inch Drip Pan on the XL Spider (Triangle Hanger0 in the up position, as pictured below.   It provides ample coverage for most low and slow cooks, creates the greatest open air around the indirect pieces, as they are above the fire ring, and sets the grid in the dome for more consistent temperatures.   

One thing we like about the 16" or 17.5" Ceramic Stone and 18" Drip Pan combo is the conical shape the pair provide, matching the cooker’s base shape.  The couple inch difference is size creates an overhang with the pan.  This overhang and the pan’s tapered shape help produce this matching conical affect.   See picture above right.  

 The Triangle Hanger is a handy accessory for the XL Lump Reducing Ring.  You can position a ceramic stone, cast iron grid, skillet, griddle or wok a couple inches above the lump.  More details on the XL Lump Reducing Ring can be found here.  


This ends the Flip3 Ring narrative.



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