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Medium Woo2 for Medium Big Green Egg




Design change July 2015:  The two crossbars are no longer loose.  The crossbars are now welded to the lower ring.  Folks prefer them welded, less pieces to handle.   The change as no visible impact on functionality. 

Important:  Two cooking grids exists for the Medium egg®.  The original 15" dia. black porcelain grid and relatively new 15.75" dia. stainless grid.  As such, we fabricate two Medium Woos to match the two grids.  We added handles and pushed the upper ring out to accommodate the bigger, 15.75" diameter of the Stainless grid.  Please take a moment to confirm your grid before odering the Medium Woo2.  

We adapted the Woo concept to the Medium Big Green Egg® but with a cool twist.   You can utilize a quarter size (9”x13”) commercial grade, sheet pan for indirect cooks.   So, now you have more flexibility when cooking ribs, briskets, butts or any other specialty meats: the ability to go round or rectangular on the set-up!

Our Medium Woo2 raises the grid to the Big Green Egg® felt rim.  To prevent the Medium Woo2 from sliding into the gap between the Big Green Egg's inner wall and fire ring, three washers “bumpers” are welded to the Medium Woo2’s lower ring.  The Crossbars are removable.                                         

The “nuts and bolts” of the Medium Woo2 design are:

  • The Standard Medium Woo2 raises the medium’s grid to the felt line, approximately 4.0-inches above the Big Green Egg® fire ring.
  • A quarter size (9”x13”) sheet pan can slide between the two front studs. 
  • The material is 18-8 or 304 stainless stock.
  • Three washers are welded to the lower ring and keep the Woo2 centered atop the fire ring.
  • Two welded crossbars on the lower ring support the indirect piece(s).
  • The spacing between the crossbars is approximately 7.5-inches.

Direct Cooks

On direct cooks, the Medium Woo2 raises the grid to the felt line.    

woo2 mediumwoo2 medium     

It’s that simple!

Indirect Cooks

The Medium Woo2 offers two indirect options: round or rectangular.   A rectangular set-up utilizes a pan and two fire bricks.   The pan is a quarter size (9”x13”), commercial sheet pan.   Pans are available at most discount merchants and restaurant supply stores.   The two stones under the pan are half-size fire bricks.    Their size is 4.5”x9.0”x1.25”.   Bricks are available at most brickyards and some home centers.   The pan/bricks set-up is a workable solution for long cuts of meat. 


The round set-up utilizes round ceramic pizza stones and drip pans.  Pictured below left is BGE's 12" Stone and a 12" aluminum pizza pan.  Pictured below right is our 10" Ceramic Stone and 12" Stainless Drip Pan.  More information on Drip Pans can be found here.


There are two basic set-up methods for an indirect cook.


Wok Cooks

If you are looking for a change from the standard grilling and Q'ing, you might consider wok cooking in your Medium Big Green Egg®.   The Wok Ring sits on the Big Green Egg® fire ring.  The ring diameter is just under 10 inches OD.  Along with the Wok Ring, we recommend a 14-inch carbon steel wok.  Carbon steel woks are best for wok cooking, as the steel transfers the heat quickly and does not hold heat like cast iron. \
The Wok Ring comes in two configurations: 5 leg for old fire rings and 3 legs for the fire rings with platesetter notches.  Pictured below is the 5 leg.  The 3 leg is similar, just 2 less legs. 


Presently, the Medium Woo2 is our only raised grid set-up for the Medium Big Green Egg®.   We’ve experimented with making a Spider, Adjustable Rig or Woo2 Extender for the Medium but given the cooker’s space limitations, we have not formulated a multi-tasking design worthy of your money.



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