1. Since I started using the extended grid on my XL for competitions this year, I am now ranked in the top 100 by the Pickled Pig site.  I credit the extended grid as a key to that.  Buster Dog BBQ
  2. We talked about learning curves when I basically ordered your entire array of items before the 4th of July. The curve is there, but, it is all subtle. The rig is amazing, the spider is awesome, pizza stone with the spider and drip pan are flexible. The drip pans you found supply form, fit and function flawlessly, the grill extender is perfect for the egg grilling pan (round) for high dome sweet potatoes and veg slices over the meat grilling. Spatching Chickens at 450 on high dome to searing steaks, to ribs over butts, to butts over brisket, to to to to. Man, you make my world a better place. A quality product that is well thought out, perfectly constructed, and delivered by a craftsman who cares about the customer’s satisfaction. Great Great Great Great..... ArCee
  3. Adjustable rig was sold out when I wanted to order. I would have bought the Rig, but, I bought the Woo2 under the circumstances. No regrets. It works great for me. It's a great product and company. I can't speak more highly of their products and service. I'm still looking longingly at the rig, it may be in my future. There's lots of combinations with the Woo, more with the Rig.  WADoug
  4. I am a long time Egg User.  I have always "Jimmy Rigged” my grates with bolts and fire bricks that constantly disappointed me.  I now own the Spider and adjustable rig.  They are professionally made and a pride to show off when I cook.  I love the fact that I can now cook everything at once with the multiple levels both indirect and direct.  I just can not say enough.  Keep the good ideas coming. Thanks.  Louisiana Redneck
  5. I wanted to let you how much I'm enjoying the XL Flip Ring, Hanger & Grid Combo. It transformed my XL BGE into so much more.   Also, thank you for the great service and all the information that you provide. For instance, I recently received 2 beautiful 16 and 19 inch kiln shelves from Laguna Clay, which I never would have known about without this site.   Mitch's Oh Yeah!
  6. I've got the Adjustable Rig for the LBGE, and the Woo2 for the SBGE. Both are essential pieces of equipment, in my opinion.  They were running a special where you get the AR, oval grid, and spider for a nice package price. The spider is also a very nice piece of gear to have during cooks. Beanie-Bean  
  7. I have one of each, but then I have two large Eggs. All kidding aside, I don't think you can go wrong with either one, but the adjustable rig has a bit more flexibility in uses than the WooRing. Basically try to figure out what types of cooks you will do most often.  SSN686
  8. I under bought with just the spider and rig but the 14" drip pan worked out great. Next order will be the same but with the slider setup. The setup works great but now I want it for both eggs and the slider for at least one. Don't skip the 14" pan as it will save your pizza stones and fits perfect on the spider.   FlaPoolman  
  9. I love my adjustable rig!  FlaMike
  10. "IMHO everyone should have a Spider & Adjustable Rig. Many Egg Accessories all very well thought out and well made” Grandpas Grub
  11. I will cast yet another vote for the adjustable rig! A great product and great service.
    Highly recommended!    Tom C.
  12. I can't remember the last time I did a cook on the Large that  didn't involve either the grid on top of the Adjustable Rig or down close to the lump on the Spider. Doug A. 
  13. I don't know how I ever got along without my Adjustable Rig.  It's a great addition.  Terry H.
  14. I purchased one of your first run stainless steel cooking grids for my large several years ago and it still remains a "thing of beauty".  Larry P.
  15. Another vote for the Adjustable Rig.   With the Rig, many things are possible.  Quintin G.
  16. Got one (Adjustable Rig) couple weeks ago, great product.  Makes life easier.  Ronald M.
  17. Without the adjustable rigs I have for each of my six large eggs I would not be able to cook the volume of food I have to cook to support the troop cooks I do. I typically cook for 400-600 people whenever American Spirit BBQ is asked to cater for our military. The adjustable rig allows me cook up to 6 pork butts on each egg; giving me the ability to feed everyone. When the pork is done I can heat up 2 half pans of beans on each egg. On top of that the craftsmanship and service are top notch. Pete B.
  18. I'm impressed with the build quality of the Spider. The welds are solid, the alignment of the parts is virtually perfect, and the rod ends are nicely deburred.  Rob L.
  19. Just want to thank you for the great service, incredible products and all your help.
    I got home from being on the road last week to find my new adjustable rig and sliding grid set. The next morning I had a double-decker set up with ribs and chicken breasts and wings going.  I have used double grid systems that I made---they were awkward, wiggly and a total pain to use.  But your system is a dream come true: rock solid, simple to use and so easy to move grids and access whatever you're cooking.  Andy L


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