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Mini Max Woo Ring:



The Mini Max Woo is new for 2014 and designed to fit Big Green Egg's Mini Max cooker, 13 inch grid.  It's an easy way to raise the Max’s grid approximately 1” above the felt line for raised grid, direct cooks.  The Woo can sit in or out of the platesetter notches atop the fire ring. 


For an indirect set-up, add the Mini Max Combo package that includes the Mini Max Woo, 5/8 x 10 inch Round Ceramic Stone and 10 inch Stainless Drip Pan.  The Mini Max Woo also works with the BGE platesetter.  The platesetter slips under the top ring and rests on the Woo’s lower ring.  Foil the Stainless Drip Pan for expanded coverage and easy clean up.


With the Woo’s top ring above the felt line, it’s easy to lift the entire set-up out of the cooker without taking anything apart.  Slip your hands (with hand protection) under the Woo’s top ring and lift.     

The Mini Max Woo is fabricated with 304 grade Stainless Steel round bar.  The rings are 1/4” Stainless.  The legs are 3/16” Stainless.   The Mini Max Woo is sold separately or along with our 10" stone and Stainless Drip Pan in a Combo package.


Small Woo Ring: 



The Small Woo is designed to fit Big Green Egg's small cooker, 13 inch grid.  The standard Small Woo raises the porcelain grid 3.25" to near the felt line.   If you want to go lower or higher with the grid, we can customize your Small Woo's height at no additional charge.  Just write us a note with your special height requirements when completing the check out process.   Going higher will eliminate the handles.

The Small Woo sits atop the Big Green Egg® fire ring and creates a direct, raised grid set-up, pictured left.  Add our 10" round ceramic stone and stainless drip pan on the two crossbar supports for a raised, indirect set-up, pictured below right.  


The Small Woo is fabricated with 1/4-inch diameter, 304 grade Stainless Steel.  The two fixed crossbar supports on the lower ring are 5-1/2 inches apart.  The inside diameter of the upper and lower rings is approximately 11-1/2 inches.   Three spacers around the lower ring keep the Small Woo uniformly positioned atop the Big Green Egg® fire ring.  The handles make for easy in and out of the cooker.

The Big Green Egg® stainless grid pictured is not included with the Small Woo. 


Mini 10 Woo Ring (10-inch Diameter Grid):  Upgrade Fall 2012



The Mini 10 Woo Ring now fits the new 10" cast iron grid.  The Mini Woo still works with the stock stainless grid and/or optional ceramic stones from Amazon.  

The new Mini Woo has four key attributes, as pictured below left:  

  1. "A" - The metal ring is 1" tall. It's rolled using 1/8" thick 304 stainless flat bar.
  2. "B" - The four notches provide clearance for the stainless grid's two supports wires.
  3. "C" - The two vertical posts hold the cast iron grid in place atop the ring.  
  4. "D" - The two parallel legs support a pizza stone for indirect cooking and lift the 1" ring above the fire ring for improved airflow out of the firebox.  The legs are 5/16" stainless round bar.


Please note, pictured above right, how the Mini Woo Ring is positioned atop the fire ring.  The Mini Woo needs to sit atop the flat ledge of the fire ring.  It does not sit in the dimples atop the fire ring. 

To position the stainless grid, simply set the grid so the grid's two center support wires drop into the notches atop the Mini Woo, pictured below.


To position the cast iron grid, simply set the grid so the two vertical post slip between the grid crossbars.   Note, there are two ways to set the grid over the vertical posts.  The first, pictured below left, has the vertical post at the grid end.  The second, pictured below right, has the post  along the grid's center line.  Also note, the pins are offset along the grid's center line to minimize grid sliding. 



Some Mini owners purchase two 8.5 inch ceramic stones (#4444) from Old Stone Oven thru Amazon.  They use the stones to create an indirect set-up on the Mini Woo.  The ceramic stone sits approximately 5/16-inch above the fire ring and on the two horizontal legs.  The Amazon stones have been shipping two stones per order.  Approximate cost is around $30.  It's one way to make the Mini a little pizza maker. 



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