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You need a level work surface (outside the cooker) where the Adjustable Rigs, Woo Rings, Flip Ring and other pieces can be set, in case of an emergency.   So, a little pre-planning goes a long way.

When lifting a loaded Adjustable Rig, Woo2 or Flip Ring remember to keep the set-up level, so the pan, grid(s) or food won’t slide off.   To lift a loaded set-up out of the cooker, wear protective gloves, slip your fingers under the top ring, (position fingers across the grid so the set-up balances in your hand), grab tightly and gently lift up and out of the egg.  

The pieces that are in a heated cooker can be hot and dangerous.   It is important that you use adequate protection to safeguard yourself against injury when handling them.   Adequate protection is also required when reaching into a heated cooker.  

Lump can flashback.   Prior to attempting any searing, blackening or other cooking techniques on the Spider, Adjustable Rig, Woo2, Flip Ring or Hanger, it is important you understand the dangers and safety procedures surrounding a flashback.    Remember, flashbacks can happen from the lower slider opening too.   If you have questions, contact your ceramic manufacturer for safety procedures with hot lump or flashbacks.    Keep children clear of the lower slider opening at all times.


bge thermometer

To reduce the chance of sticking meat with the thermometer, you can move the stem bracket on the outside of the cooker.   This shortens the thermometer inside the cooker.   Just make sure the thermometer is far enough in the cooker to read accurately and the flat side of the bracket rests on the outside wall of the cooker.



You can clean the equipment if you like or just let the next cook burn off the crud.   Stainless is stable to over 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.   Aluminum is stable to 900 degrees Fahrenheit, so care must be taken not to melt the aluminum pans on high heat cooks.   We do not recommend using the aluminum pans directly on the Spider during high temperature (over 400 degrees Fahrenheit) cooks.   Even though the cooker temperature is 400 degrees, the lump can be burning much hotter, potentially over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.

The 17 and 18.5 inch Weber grids do not fit the Adjustable Rig or Woo2’s top ring.   Their diameter is too small.   Weber’s 22.5 and 21.5- inch grids do fit the Flip Ring.   Check Here for our Grid section in the shopping cart.   

Please note, some of the items are handmade, so welds may not replicate mass production quality.   Grinding marks may be visible.   After a couple cooks, the pieces take on a smoky film, so blemishes are no longer visible.   The Adjustable Rig, Woo2 or Flip Ring may have a very minor wobble when sitting on the fire ring.   The wobble has no impact on cooking.  

All sales and inquiries are handled through ACGP, Inc.   The fabrication and welding is done locally or through experienced fabricators.   If you have something specific in mind, please feel free to contact us.  


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