Nine Questions 

Today, there are various methods and equipment available to accomplish a raised or multi-level cooks on the Big Green Egg®.   Fire bricks, bolts, ceramics, or metal legs are just some of the equipment.   To help you evaluate equipment, ours and others, we offer these nine questions to consider:

  1. Does the equipment have multi-level capabilities - big enough to handle large cooks?
  2. If the equipment is multi-level can it still accomplish single grid, direct grilling?   Is it multi-dimensional?
  3. Does the equipment store easily?   The best place is in the cooker, where you use it.   Then, there is no need to go hunting for it.
  4. Is the set-up process hassle free?   Most of us run late on a cook, so quick and easy on the cook’s front end are good things.
  5. Is it easy to use?   The faster you can make changes during a cook, the better the finished product will be.
  6. Other than the indirect piece, does the equipment limit air movement?   Limiting air movement increases the potential for hot or cold spots during a cook, not a good thing.
  7. Does the equipment need to be cleaned?   Most of the time, we are too busy or not inspired to clean after cooking.
  8. How is the equipment made?   If it is built to last, then the cost per cook can be pennies.
  9. Is it priced competitively for the quality and abilities?   If it doesn’t do what you want, or how you want it done, then will you use it?

Our goal is for you to have the best grilling and barbequing experience possible.   Hopefully, our set-ups will fit your style and make outdoor grilling & barbequing more enjoyable the on the Big Green Egg®.


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