Some items are handmade, so welds may not replicate mass production quality.   Grinding marks may be visible.   After a couple cooks, the pieces take on a smoky film, so blemishes are no longer visible.   The Adjustable Rig, Woo  Ring, or Flip Ring may have a very minor wobble when sitting on the fire ring.   The wobble has no impact on cooking.   The Slide Guide, Woo Extender or Rig Extender may sit unbalanced when not carrying a load but will balance out under reasonable loads.  


You can clean the equipment or just let the next cook burn off the crud.   With stainless steel pieces, you can get after it with a good stainless or brass brush.   With aluminum pans and nickel plated grids, we recommend a soft bristle brush and mild dish detergent solution.   The nickel grids are plated steel, so keep water off them whenever possible to reduce rusting.  

Aluminum & Stainless Steel: 

The melting point of aluminum is approximately 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.   Lump can burn in excess of 1200 degrees Fahrenheit.   So, it is possible to melt aluminum pans during a cook.   We do not recommend using aluminum pans directly on the Spider during high temperature (over 300 degrees Fahrenheit) cooks.   Even though the cook temperature is as low as 300 degrees, the lump is burning much hotter.   We recommend using a ceramic stone or fire bricks under aluminum pans.  

The melting point of stainless steel (Grade 304 or 18-8) is approximately 2500 degrees Fahrenheit.   To date, we have not had any issues with melting stainless steel during a cook.


  1. Respective Big Green Egg® cast iron grids do fit atop the Woo Ring, Adjustable Rig and Flip Ring.   Unlike the porcelain grids, the cast iron grids do not have an outer ring to sit over the Woo Ring, Adjustable Rig or Flip Ring’s top ring, so care must be taken to keep a cast iron grid properly positioned across the Woo Ring, Rig and Flip Ring’s entire top ring.
  2. The top ring on the Adjustable Rig and Flip3 Ring is cut way between the front two brackets, so it is possible that a front loaded grid on the Adjustable Rig or Flip3 Ring can tip forward.   Care must be taken not to front load a grid atop the Adjustable Rig or Flip3 Ring in the up position. 
  3. The 17, 17.5 and 18.5-inch Weber grids do not fit the Adjustable Rig or Woo Ring’s top ring.  Their diameter is too small.   Weber’s 22.5 and 21.5- inch grids do fit the Flip Ring’s small diameter ring. 


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