BSK & Bubba Keg Spider Measurements

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Designed to fit the Bubba Keg,  Big Steel Keg or Broil King Keg style cookers.  Same basic functions as our Big Green Egg® Spider except BGE's 15" cast iron grid, Model 15CI, fits for searing close to the lump.  The center ring holds our 14 or 16 inch wok for wokking.  16" Wok is recommended.  Plus, the center ring holds our 13" Round Ceramic Stone and 14" Stainless Drip Pan to create an indirect set-up.  Overall, the BSK Spider drops 2 inches into the lump bowl.  The BSK Spider can be positioned down inside the lump bowl or up into the cooking area.  

We recommend you verify the following measurements to insure the BSK Spider fits your cooker.

  • Outside diameter of the ring is approximately 12.25".
  • Four legs rest on the fire ring.
  • The Spider drops approximately 2" into the fire ring.
  • Sitting inverted (up), the Spider is approximately 2" above the fire ring. 
  • Material is 1/4", 304 Stainless Steel round bar.
  • The four legs are connected to the ring with a butt joint and tig welds.  It's the best connection for added strength, durability & clean look.
  • Tip to tip, the length is approximately 18", +/-1/8".
  • Inside diameter between legs is approximately 15.25".  
  • Spider weighs approximately one pound.
  • Made in the USA.

Accessory Recommendations:

  • Big Green Egg's 15" cast iron grid, model 15CI, for searing;
  • our 16" Round bottom wok;
  • our 13" Round Ceramic Stone for indirect;
  • our 13.5" or 14" Round Stainless Drip Pan for atop the 13" Stone.


Please read the warnings and safeguards below:

WARNING: For self protection, anyone using a metal Keg style cooker needs to understand the principals and preventive methods surrounding a Flashback, including Flashbacks from the lower slider vent, felt rim opening and/or top daisy wheel vent.  Please consult your grill manufacturer or retailer for Flashback details and preventative measures before attempting any cook in a cooker, including cooks with or without, the Spider, Woo Rings or Adjustable Rig.  Keep children away from the cooker, especially the lower slider opening, at all times.

WARNING: Only remove the Spider, grid on Spider, pan/skillet on Spider when the cooker has cooled to ambient temperatures.  Do not remove the Spider, grid, pan or skillet during a high temperature (>300 degrees Fahrenheit) cook.  The cooker can flashback.  The dome thermometer or remote sensing probes positioned above the fire ring are not an accurate measure of the temperatures in the fire ring and firebox.  The temperatures in the fire ring and firebox can be much higher.  Lump burns in excess of 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.  Adequate hand protection is required when removing heated items from the cooker.


Q & A for the Bubba Keg, BSK or similar Keg cookers:

What size round cast iron grid fits the BSK Spider for searing?  The cast iron grid can't be bigger than 15" in diameter.  We recommend Big Green Egg's medium 15" cast iron grid, model 15CI.  You can get the 15CI from your local Big Green Egg dealer or call Big Green Egg's corporate retail store and ask about shipping one to you.  

What size round griddle or skillet fits the BSK Spider for blackening?  The round griddle or skillet's bottom needs to be at least 13" in diameter.  The round griddle or skillet's top can't be larger than 15" in diameter.  Do not set the skillet inside the Spider ring, as the cast iron skillet and stainless Spider have different degrees of expansion when heated and cooled. 

What size wok fits the BSK Spider?  14" or 16" Round bottom woks fit.  The 16" is recommended.  We carry 14" and 16" woks in our Shopping Cart.

What size round stone fits the BSK Spider to create an indirect set-up?  The Ceramic Stone can't be bigger than 14" in diameter.  A 1" minimum opening is necessary between the stone's outer edge and the cooker's inner wall.  Our 13" Round Ceramic Stone is recommended. 

Can the 14" pizza stone from Big Green Egg® be used on the BSK Spider?  Yes, the 14" diameter can be used as long as a 1" minimum opening is maintained between the stone's outer edge and cooker's inner wall.  Our 13" Round Ceramic Stone is recommended. 

Can I set a pan directly on the BSK Spider to create an indirect set up?  We do not recommend setting a drip pan directly on the BSK Spider. 

What is the diameter of the BSK Spider's ring?  Approximately 11.25" outside and 10.75" inside

On indirect set-ups, how much open space is needed under the BSK Spider and ceramic stone?  Keep 2" minimum of open space under the BSK Spider and ceramic stone on indirect cooks.   On very long cooks or when using fast burning lump, we recommend you monitor the lump to maintain fuel.

Can I set-up indirect with the Spider/Stone and have the cooking grid sitting on the lump bowl?  No, we do not recommend using the Spider/Stone in conjunction with a grid on the lump bowl.  If you over load the grid with food, it can act as a cap and extinguish the lump.

Do you recommend using third party pizza stones, such as Pampered Chef or ones found online or at the local discount stores/clubs?  No, we do not recommend using third party stones.  Their track record for breaking is well documented.  Save yourself some aggravation and money by purchasing a stone designed specifically for ceramic cooking.  



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